A pixel art rendition of Mykola Pimonenko’s 1889 painting “Zhnytsia”(Reaper) made by nsiu and myk31 in 2021-2022.

1/1000 edition ERC-1151
.05 per mint
100% of proceeds go to Ukrainian charities

About the project:

In 2019 Mykola (myk31) and Nastya (nsui) visited NAMU during their Oleksandr Bohomazov exhibit.

One painting that left a particularly lasting impression on Nastya was Mykola Pimonenko’s 1889 painting “Zhnytsia”(Reaper). She immediately decided to make a pixel art study of this painting one day.

Nastya began working on the pixel art rendition in 2021, and with Mykola’s guidance and assistance, the artwork was completed in early 2022.

The piece was never published until now.

We’ve decided to use it for this charity drop to make sure we can get more funds as quickly as possible to local Ukrainian charities.

Where will the funds go:

Back And Alive / Повернись живим
MOZ / Міністерство Охороні Здоров’я (via Whitepay)
Kyiv Independent 's fund for independent Ukrainian media
Ukraine Crypto Donation
Other charities TBD

Please do consider supporting these charities directly as well, follow the links provided above.

Created by:
artists: nsiu & myk31
smart contract, website: shahruz

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